Peace of mind SUP hire package insurance


First day of rental
Last day of rental


For only £3 per day per package (up to a maximum of £100), you can protect yourself against damage, loss or theft.  Why wouldn’t you want that peace of mind?

We self insure.

What does that mean?  We’ve assessed the risk of our kit being damaged and lost when in your possession, and spread the cost of that damage over our expected rentals in any period. That means we’re only charging you the cost of kit that we expect to get damaged or lost. And that means that we take all the risk, there are no third parties taking a cut from your rental, and no-one other than us determines when the insurance pays out.  So in simple terms,  the insurance will always fully cover you, no quibbles, no get outs, unless you are acting fraudulently, irresponsibly, or negligently.  And we know that our wonderful customers wouldn’t do anything so stupid!


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